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Information for students

    Each student of Cracow University of Technology has a user account on Moodle e-learning platform and can use its resources. To access the platform you need:
  • Login (username) : ALBUM NUMBER - this is the number that identifies a student in the IT systems of Cracow University of Technology. This number (six digits) is on your student card. Look here
  • password :
        1. PESEL number (Personal identification number) - 11 digits;
        2. Foreign students (who do not have PESEL number) should use the password created according to the following rules:
  • The first six digits should be the date of birth in the format YYMMDD (year / month / day)
  • For the remaining 5 digits, please use 0
Date of birth: 15 July 2001
password: 01071500000

     At the moment, Cracow University of Technology has got Moodle platforms for e-learning:
After logging into the Moodle system you need (You have to be LOGGED IN):
    If you have trouble logging on to the platform, please contact us usining this e-mail , in addition to giving the name an the student's ID number  (six digits polish album).

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