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Information for students

    Each student of Cracow University of Technology has a user account on Moodle e-learning platform and can use its resources. To access the platform you need:
  • Login (username) : ALBUM NUMBER - this is the number that identifies a student in the IT systems of Cracow University of Technology. This number (six digits) is on your student card. Look here
  • password :
        1. PESEL number (Personal identification number) - 11 digits;
        2. Foreign students (who do not have PESEL number) should use the password created according to the following rules:
  • The first six digits should be the date of birth in the format YYMMDD (year / month / day)
  • For the remaining 5 digits, please use 0
Date of birth: 15 July 1994
password: 94071500000

     At the moment, Cracow University of Technology has two Moodle platforms:
  • http://elf.pk.edu.pl/ ver. 1.9.9+
  • http://elf2.pk.edu.pl/ ver. 2.5.2
     Platform 1.9.9+ will be soon removed. Finally, only one platform will be in use. User accounts are active on both platforms (the same name and the same password). The first login is required on the platform http://elf.pk.edu.pl. Afterwards, you will be asked to change the password for the system Moodle. This will activate the account on the platform elf2.pk.edu.pl.
    Any changes in the user profile, such as your e-mail address, password, avatar, etc. may take place only from the platform elf.pk.edu.pl.
After logging into the Moodle system you need:
  • change password
  • confirm the e-mail address.
  • add data in your profile
    If you have trouble logging on to the platform, please contact us using the site, in addition to giving the name number your album.

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